Monday, January 30, 2012

Christmas In January

Last summer my good friend Penny brought her sister over to my studio/ check out the longarm. Melanie lives in Minnesota, and, like her sister, she's a talented quilter.  I was delighted when she sent three quilts for me to finish.  Melanie requested I use Quilters Dream Puff batting for one of the quilts.  Hmmmm....I buy my batting from Quilters Dream, but I had never used Dream Puff.  It sounded like a lot of fun, so I was glad to order some.

Let me tell you, it lives up to it's name.

Whenever I see beautiful Christmas quilts like this, I always vow to make one, but I never do.  

Think of how lovely this will look on Melanie's bed next holiday season!

 It was festive working on this lovely quilt.  I should have put on some Christmas music and fixed a cup of hot apple cider,  especially since the weather outside was frightful.  Like,  -21 degrees.


Penny picked a design she knew Melanie would love. It's called Holly Rose.  So pretty...

Here's the scoop on Quilters Dream Puff.

It's supposed to be 1 1/2 times warmer than down.  It's breathable and washable and won't shrink.  It sure felt good, really soft and dense.  I liked it.

A lot.

Here's my normal poly/cotton batting on the left.  Dream Puff on the right.

Such a lovely quilt!  The pattern is Log Cabin Hidden Star.

So pretty.  So puffy!  And, considering I live in Alaska, I've been wondering where this batting has been all my life!

The back is lovely.  The red thread looks great on the sage green back.

You can really see the puff factor on the last row.

I enjoyed working with the Dream Puff batting;  I ordered an extra piece to play with.  I want to see how warm it really is.  I don't think I'd combine this with a minky backing...I'm thinking that would be too hot. Flannel might be okay.

Sounds like I need to make another quilt so I have a reason to use the batting.

When the temp outside is -21, you just can't have too many quilts!
Happy quilting!

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